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Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Yay, Summer!

Well, Fanime is done! I had so much fun! I wish I had cosplayed more though. I got to meet some of my favorite artists, including Azuzephre from DeviantArt and the artist(s) of nemu-nemu.com! Sooo happy.

Anyway, I'll be updating Riri&Rara more frequently now (but no set time yet). That's all. I'm typing this at 4 in the morning because I cannot sleep :< Nyuu...


<3 Riri

Finals SUCK.

So, yeah... I haven't been able to do a daily update on Riri and Rara like I planned because of finals plus all the homework my professors have piled on.

But! I'm done with most of the horror. Just about two more weeks, and it's summertime! Woooooot. Until then, Riri and Rara will have to help me study (background SFX: "NOOOOO!") so you might not get to see much of them. >3

Thank you! <3 Happy mama's day everyone.

First comic.


Hi everyone. My name is Jimilyn, but I go by Riri.
This is my first web comic, and the characters' names are based off of my nickname and a special someone (-stares at special someone-).

Frequency of updates? Wut? I dunno! ^_^

Well okay. I hope my little doodles bring a smile on someone's face. I know I'll enjoy myself~

<3 Riri.

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